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Digital photo exhibition photo upload system
Дата публикации: 1 Апреля 2011

Neosystems North-West Ltd has completed project of "Photoportal" of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs. The project was implemented in cooperation with the finnish company «Facilis Oy», during which the Neosystems acted as a contractor.

Picture is a form of modern art, which every day becoming more and more popular and atracts new fans - both professionals and amateurs. Participation in exhibitions and photo contests is one way to express creativity, and today, information technologies allow the authors to show their work and take part in competitions worldwide.

Photoportal is one of the main instruments for implementing these tasks and make available do it with online system for uploading and evaluation of digital photos. One of these portals is photoportal of The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs. The system was developed on the Microsoft.net platform. During the work, it was necessary to modify an existing Association for photoportal, namely: to realize the upload of works directly through the system (previous works were sent on as CD-media or e-mailed), make it possible to inform participants about the results of the judging, as well as the implementation of a phased evaluation of each work by five-point scale. Despite the fact that the work was done remotely, communication happened in both English and Finnish languages, specialists of Neosystems have been implemented all the necessary requirements. More about the system you can read in the "Portfolio".

More information about the collaboration of Neosytems with the Facilis Oy, as well as the specifics of work in the course of this project, you can read in  "Customer's expression"