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Results of the seminar "Web site as a sales tool”
Дата публикации: 24 Марта 2011

Neosystems North-West Ltd as a certified Partner of 1C-Bitrix  held at March 17th,  2011 a seminar titled "Web site as a sales tool". The event was visited by over 50 representatives of companies and enterprises of Petrozavodsk: managers, marketing specialists and technical experts responsible for the quality of the web site. 
The seminar was interesting not only for those who think about building a website, as a business cards or internet-shop, but also for those who already have a website, but wants to turn it into a more effective tool for business promotion.

In the first report of the seminar "The site as a business tool”, special attention was paid to site as an Internet shop. What are its features and benefits, which required functionality  site should possess, how to prevent the most common mistakes in its creation and maintenance? Everyone who has thought about opening an online business should know the answers to these questions and have a correct understanding of a Web store. That is why this report has been especially important in the structure of the seminar.
Report on "How to develop the site” was interesting to company executives and employees who did not have the technical skill. This report presented in detail with key stages of developing the site and choosing the right strategy to create own Internet resource.

Special attention at the seminar was devoted to the description capabilities of content management system "1C-Bitrix: Site Manager”. Report  "Management of web site: Fast. Simple. Effective" has caused particular concern among the audience, as the speaker spoke about the main advantages of the software, as well as answered to technical questions relating to the development of projects on this CMS (Content Management System).

It is obvious that today most companies already have their own web sites, but not all owners are aware of what information about the performance of the site can be accessed and analyzed. Possibilities of web analytics tools, SEO-analysis and analysis of advertising campaigns  were discussed in the report "The site is ready - what next?" This theme, according to participants, was particularly interesting, since the speaker explained the difference between "white" and "black" optimization and how correctly to construct a strategy to promote your web site. The main theoretical foundations of optimization described in this report have been disclosed in detail in a specific example in his speech "Mini Express survey of the site”.

Information from the report "CRM: managing the flow of customers” was especially true for managers who want to have full information about own customers, as well as for managers who are thinking about growth in its work. The main attention was focused on the CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) that can become a mainstream software product for companies seeking to keep pace with time, to have a complete picture of the current state of business and the right to predict its development.

In the final report, "Case studies"  learned about the projects of Neosystems North-West Ltd, which are implemented on the basis of "1C-Bitrix: Site Manager”. The peculiarity of this report was that it reflected real-life examples of promotion on the Internet.

After the seminar, participants were able to chat with experts and ask questions in an informal way. Especially important for the organizers of the seminar was to get feedback from participants: the recommendations and suggestions regarding the selection of topics for the next seminar. Participants, in turn, noted the usefulness of the seminar in terms of modern business and expressed hope that the Neosystems will continue to conduct such activities, covering new aspects and possibilities of the business organization with the help of Internet resources.
If you for whatever reasons could not attend the seminar and you are interested in these topics, on all questions, please call  (814 2) 67-21-20  or e-mail: development@neosystems.ru