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Neosystems Development held a seminar in Petrozavodsk called “Web-site as a sales tool".
Дата публикации: 21 Декабря 2010

7 December 2010 held Neosystems Development a seminar “Website as a sales tool”, which was visited by members of medium business companies and employees of some government-financed organizations in Petrozavodsk. 
This event was interesting both for companies which thinks about a web-solution for theirs business and for companies which have a website but understand that it doesn’t bring desired effect. A website is not only a site on the Internet, it’s an effective and valuable tool to make the business known and raise the level of the sales. Nowadays using the Internet helps us to raise money in the literal sense of these words. For instance, online store is none other than sales direct on the Internet. In addition even creating of a simple personal web page can become a step to success, if you think over all necessary moments and don’t forget about creativity in the development process. For example, an original web-application, blog of the director or unique photo gallery can become some special thrill of your website. 
 During the seminar employees of “Neosystems Development” made presentations about these issues: 
1. In lecture “Website as a business tool” they told about different types of web resources and theirs purposes as a business tool, detailed description features of online store and ways to solve the main troubles which appeared with its implementation. 
2. In lecture "How to develop a site" were presented recommendations on how to identify the target audience of a site, or come up with an original idea, how to select a supplier, how to select a content management system, how to develop an unique design and navigation. 
3. In lecture "Site is ready. What's next?" was presented in details how to promote the site, possibilities of obtaining statistical information on the site. The main interest of the participants was focused on possibility of obtaining statistical information about site visitors and tools to promote your site on the Internet. 4. In lecture “Rapid survey” was given an example of serious analyze of statistical information of the site. 
5. In lecture “Examples of successful web-solutions” were given examples of effective and successful websites which was made by “Neosystems Development” 
6. In lecture “CRM - Customer Relationship Management System” was described the best strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. 
After the presentations, during the coffee break visitors were able to talk with the experts and ask questions about the creation of the original site, to receive advice on how to use outsourcing company for web applications and web-based software development. Every participant had an opportunity to use a free offer from Neosystems Development to conduct a rapid survey of the site. 
So all participants of the seminar could get evidence that web-solutions development is a serious decision and if you think of all details you can get an affective and valuable business tool.